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Personal Contents Management

We provide comprehensive recovery services to address environmental hazards; mitigate damage following natural and man-made disasters; and to fully restore built structures and their contents.

The Story Behind PCM

At the time that you experience a catastrophe to your property your personal items will require the same level of attention as the structure damage. During a structure loss it is almost more devastating to have your personal contents affected. Personal Contents Management (PCM) is ready to help you through all the stages of the claims process. From total loss inventory documentation, disposal, thorough packing, transporting, contents restoration, cleaning, repairs, storage and the return and unpacking; we will handle your possessions with care and professionalism.

PCM has the warehouse facilities to perform all of the necessary restoration needed to your personal items. The warehouse is climate controlled and provides 24 hour surveillance to ensure the highest level of safety while your items are stored during your construction process. Our facility is equipped with storage areas, palletized shelving, flat square footage, vaults, and mason areas to accommodate the versatile needs or any personal items or artifacts from standard furniture, appliances, art work and general home goods.

Cleaning, restoration and deodorization:
PCM performs in-house upholstery cleaning from synthetic textures to one of kind Persian rugs, furniture refinishing and restoration.
Our onsite ozone chamber allows us to deodorize and neutralize strong odors caused by fires or smoke damage. Often not recognized water damage can expose contents to the same level of odor where we apply a dry room technique in combination with the ozone chamber to neutralize the item back to normal temperatures so the integrity of the item is not compromised. The dry room allows for the item to release the accumulated condensation and brings the item back to normal and is a time sensitive process.

PCM is no stranger to courtier items and has a trained eye to recognize and make adequate recommendations for a success restoration. We can perform restoration to high end crystals, porcelains and ceramic items among many other textiles.

Client Testimonials

Thank you for making our ordeal so much easier by your kindness and all around professionalism
- Melvina B.
PCM worked unbelievably hard, were extremely cordial and anxious to please and left my house having done an exceptional restoration job. My wife and I were pleased beyond expectation
- Paul K.
PCM did a phenomenal job restoring my condo after a huge flood loss. The key features of their service were a very sharp management team, attention to detail, integrity and persistence. This is a great company to work with if you want the job done right and with integrity
- Joseph H.
We had the misfortune of being involved in a fire at my residence. PCM did a WONDERFUL job fixing my house- far beyond my expectations. I have dealt with many construction projects but never before have I come across real professionalism like PCM
- Jose P.
Having a water loss is a very traumatic experience but with the help and professionalism of PCM everything went well and smooth. They put my house back together again
- Al & Amanda S.
Thank you PCM for the great job you completed on my mom’s house. You were professional above and beyond my expectations. You made me rethink my feeling about contractors
- Diane T.
I was very pleased with the quality of repair PCM provided. I sincerely appreciated the staff’s responsiveness and manner in which they conducted business; I would recommend them for the excellent customer service they consistently provided
- Dominique C.
I hired PCM for my water loss catastrophe. They said “I’ll take care of it” and they did!
- Leah M.
My wife and I would like to thank PCM for all the excellent work you performed fixing all the repairs in our home caused by water damage. We would recommend your company to everybody who needs such help as we did.
- Nick L.

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